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Insurance accepted. Please contact your medical insurance provider and inquire if acupuncture performed by a licensed acupuncturist is a covered benefit.

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by Kaiden on Yelp

I was living here for a couple months this past winter and had been seeing an acupuncturist before in California where I live permanently for fertility and early pregnancy support/symptom management. I wanted to continue acupuncture care, and tried a different acupuncturist in the area before reaching out to Alex at Acupuncture Health Services of Falmouth. I have seen a few acupuncturists before both in the Bay Area and in New England, and Alex is hands down the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. He is thorough and incredibly knowledgeable, has a very gentle touch (I'm usually very sensitive to the needles when they first go in, but often could barely feel them with Alex), and is reassuring in his suggestions and advice. He has a wonderful understanding of both the physical and emotional sides/impacts of acupuncture, and I felt completely taken care of when working with him. I was very sad to have to leave him when I returned back to California, and I will definitely be revisiting whenever I come back to visit.

by Britani on Yelp

Nothing but positive things to say about this practice. The gentleman gave me a great first introduction to acupuncture and I left feeling more relaxed and in considerably less pain. Their customer service is also amazing. My girlfriend dropped her phone in the parking lot and their office went out of their way to reach us after hours to assure us it was in safe keeping and even came in on their day off to return it to us.

by Christine on Google.